La caserna dei singulares del governatore a Virunum (Noricum)


[The military barracks of the singulares of the governor in Virunum (Noricum)] Since 2000 aerial photographs have indicated a densely built-up zone to the east of the Roman town of Virunum (near Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria), the capital of the province of Noricum. These crop marks have been interpreted as a Roman military camp. In order to gather further information regarding the close proximity of a military installation to the civilian town, the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology conducted a geophysical survey on November 19, 2013. An area of about 2.56 ha was examined with the high resolution ground penetrating radar measurement system MIRA II. In the northern part of the plot, numerous building structures are visible, obviously from Roman times, which were situated within a walled-in area. A gateway was located on the south side of this enclosed zone. The western and northern sides of this enclosed area should therefore coincide with the boundaries of the modern allotments which are now wooded. Three long rectangular structures, which appear to be Roman military barracks with double chambers and so-called “Kopfbauten” (habitation area for the officers), are a key for the interpretation of the entire complex. Another densely built-up area is located to the south of the enclosed area and was probably used by non-military persons. Even from today’s perspective it is clear that these GPR-measurements will provide new information regarding the way in which Roman troops were housed at the governor’s seat of Noricum.

The Roman army between the Alps and the Adriatic