2021 | Federal Stud Piber: Folge der Herde!

Folge der Herde! – Federal Stud Piber

Styria 2021

In the museum of the Lipizzaner Stud Piber, the permanent exhibition space was redesigned and opened in cooperation with Wolfgang Neubauer and the LBI ArchPro in 2021. In a historic granary, the so-called “Schüttkasten” from 1490, multimedia displays on the intangible UNESCO cultural heritage of Lipizzaner breeding as well as 3D models of the landscape and historical buildings extensively digitised by the researchers tell the long history of the Lipizzaner horses, the Federal Stud in Piber and the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

The unique, baroque Winter Riding School at Hofburg Palace is also integrated into the exhibition area as a separate large 3D model combined with the projection of a quadrille. Furthermore, a new app – concepted by Wolfgang Neubauer and programmed by 7reasons - accompanies visitors through the surroundings, interactively explains the structural facilities in the outdoor and indoor areas and offers additional information in the exhibition.


Wolfgang Neubauer
Wolfgang Neubauer
Professor of Archaeology

My research interests include Archaeological Stratigraphy, Geophysical Prospection and 3D Laser Scanning.