2018 | Hauger, Haller, Hav – Viking exhibition, Borre

Hauger, Haller, Hav – Viking exhibition, Borre

The permanent exhibition at Borre Midgard Historical Centre in Norway, now the Midgard Vikingsenter, was redesigned in collaboration with LBI ArchPro partners Vestfold fylkeskommune and 7reasons and in 2018.

The new exhibition features multimedia visualisations on the local archaeology and history of the Vikings, augmented reality binoculars showing virtual reconstructions of the discovered Iron Age hall buildings in the landscape, a large 3D projection landscape model of the site of Borre and its development through times, an interactive Viking journey for children and grown-ups, a container showcasing the prospection methods together with a magnetometer survey system, as well as an exact copy of the Rök runestone with digital information kiosk.


Wolfgang Neubauer
Wolfgang Neubauer
Professor of Archaeology

My research interests include Archaeological Stratigraphy, Geophysical Prospection and 3D Laser Scanning.